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10.02.15 - Health Cooperation: Health Coordinator of the Civil Administration orginized surgery fo 14 palestinians
Yesterday a campaign of surgeries to restore proper eyesight of 14 people, children and adults alike, who suffer severe vision impairment was completed/
16.12.14 - Import and Export Course for Palestinian Established Businessmen
An import and export course for Palestinian established businessmen was held over the last month, funded and coordinated by the Civil Administration.
04.12.14 - Reclaimed Water Workshop
In the last year the Civil Administration and the USAID have been working together to advance the awareness and usage of reclaimed water. As a result, the Civil Administration`s agriculture office along with the agriculture extension service office held a professional workshop for 25 executive Palestinian farmers and agronomists from the Palestinian Authority (mainly from the Nablus district).
Herzl Yosef
10.07.14 - While launching rockets into Israel, Kerem Shalom Crossing remains open
In the past two days, two hundred trucks of food and basic supplies were transported into the Gaza Strip for the benefit of the Palestinian civilian population, due to the current humanitarian situation. Two hundred liters of helium fuel was delivered. Heavy security remains at the Kerem Shalom Crossing. Photo by: Herzl Yosef.
18.06.14 - Reopening of the Kerem Shalom Crossing
The Kerem Shalom Crossing was reopened today for the movement of goods having been closed in recent days due to the security situation.