Veterinarians from Israel and Gaza are working together to stop Foot and Mouth Disease from Spreading in the Gaza Strip

Today (Sunday) a meeting was held between veterinarians from Israel and Gaza at the Gaza DCL due to a concern that the foot and mouth disease might have begun spreading in Rafah, which is in the Gaza Strip.
Date: 22.04.12     Author: The Gaza DCL

During the meeting the participants discussed the issue of handling the disease and stopping it from spreading to the rest of the Gaza Strip.As a first step 20,000 doses against the disease were delivered through the Erez Crossing this last Thursday(19\4).

 Israel began to handle the spreading of the disease starting on April 13th during the Passover holiday, when the Agriculture Coordinator at the DCL was urgently called to Erez Crossing in order to receive samples of the disease from his Palestinian colleagues. 

These samples were transferred to the laboratory of the veterinary services in order to examine the disease and ways to deal with it.