A Day of Hope for Children with Cancer

To help them forget about their difficult disease for a few hours, Palestinian children with cancer are treated to a day outing organized by the Salametcom organization and the Civil Administration.
Date: 26.11.13     Author: Ariella Lemberg

Last Friday (22.11.13), Palestinian children with cancer were treated to a daylong outing with their families in Tel Aviv. The day was organized by the organization Salemetcom as well as the Staff Officers of the Health Department in the Civil Administration. The day provided the children with a brief respite, some time to forget about the treatments and hospital routine they go through every day. In order for these children to be provided with the best healthcare possible, their specialized oncology treatment in the Israeli hospital Hadassah Ein Kerem is coordinated between the Health Office of the Civil Administration and the Palestinian Authority Health Office.

The day began with a trip to the Florentin Circus in Kfar Yarok where the children enjoyed the rides and attractions available there, although the clear favorite was the soap bubble pool. Snacks was provided by the large array of culinary options that the Circus had available, and lunch was then had on the Jaffa Promenade. The day concluded with a beach party for all the families that had been arranged specifically for them.

There are many sick Palestinians who receive top notch healthcare in hospitals within Israel, due to the fact that the health infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority is still developing, and not always able to provide for all of their constituents. COGAT ensures that those who are not able to be treated by the Palestinian Authority are given all that they need to receive the treatment they need. The coordinator of the Health Office for the Civil Administration, Daliah Bassah, is responsible for all aspects of coordination and communication between the respective sides.

 "I believe that both the children and their families received a unique experience today, something that is not always possible for children with these medical conditions" said Bassah. "Medical treatment is not just about the actual medicine, there must be more. There also needs to be something that gives them the strength to keep fighting".

"We in COGAT try to do everything we can in order to ease the way that these children receive their treatment, so that they can save their strength for fighting their illness" concluded Bassah. "From days like today, these children get renewed strength that provides them with hope for many more days".