Siamese twins at the Civil Administration

With Israeli assistance and coordination of the Civil Administration in the West Bank, a Palestinian woman gave birth in Israel to Siamese twins connected to each other, after a complex caesarean section.
Date: 06.06.13     Author: Menachem Adoni

The office of the Health Coordinator at the Judea and Samaria Civil Administration received last week a seemingly routine request. Basma (34) from the village "Yatta" in Hebron was in labor and needed emergency treatment in an Israeli hospital. The Civil Administration in the West Bank is used to requests of this kind, but brief inquiry revealed that the Palestinian Basma is carrying Siamese twins conjoined in their bodies in a complex way and that only treatment in Israel will save the embryos.

Last Thursday, Basma went for a routine pregnancy follow-up check in a hospital in Hebron. During the examination, the Siamese twins were revealed in the utero. The stunned medical staff at the Palestinian hospital that had never encountered such a rare case, avoided taking risk and immediately referred her to a hospital in Israel.

The Civil Administration Health Coordinator, Dalia Bassa, who coordinated the evacuation process and was constantly in touch with the woman and her family, noted that "the incident was unusual and interesting; unlike anything we've seen in decades. Basma and her family were very excited during the evacuation to the hospital and I wish them health".

Basma was rushed to "Hadassah" Hospital were a multidisciplinary team of first class experts that included gynecologists and surgeons began the examination and preparation for the complex Caesarean section. "A birth of conjoined twins is extremely rare.  Even rarer is the birth of living conjoined twins where both survive. In the past twenty years, since the beginning of ultrasound test, very few such twins were diagnosed", said the Health Coordinator.

After four hours of surgery and nerve-wracking waiting, the doctors came out of the surgery room and announced that the conjoined twins were born successfully into the world, weighing 4,900 kg.
Not one in the room could not remain indifferent to the sight of the newborns, who were connected in their upper bodies.

Once out of danger, the new mother was also connected in an exciting and unique moment to her two newborn babies. Along with the joy and excitement, the medical staff told the mother that the twins are connected by the heart and chest, and the organs cannot be separated due to the danger to the lives of two babies, and that a better idea of their condition will be accepted from close medical monitoring that will be performed by the doctors. Earlier in the week (Sunday) the mother went back to her home in Hebron with the twins, accompanied by her family, and will continue to be under medical observation in the coming months.