Continued Investment and Cooperation in the Field of Medicine

A medical conference and training session took place last week at Haddasah Ein Kerem Hospital for Palestinian nurses and doctors. The conference, which focused on medical care for trauma victims, was organized by the Health Coordinator of the Civil Administration. More conferences are expected to take places in the coming weeks on several other medical issues.

Catherine Ashton and other European Delegates join the Latin Patriarch for Christmas Celebrations in Bethlehem.

The entrance of the Latin Patriarch to Bethlehem marks the start of the Latin Christmas as it does every year, and is of the first of the many ceremonies that are expected to take place in Judea and Samaria in the coming weeks.

Christmas Preparations Underway

This week, Christians all over the world will begin to celebrate the Christmas holiday season, each according to their tradition. As the Holiday grows closer COGAT has taken preparatory steps to ensure that the Christian population will be able to celebrate appropriately. As part of the preparation, a conference was held in the Bethlehem DCO to representatives of the relevant international organizations.

Increased Coordination between Israel and the Palestinians for Celebration of Christmas Season

IDF representatives conducted meetings with representatives from the Bethlehem Municipality, the Palestinians Security Forces, international organizations and religious representatives in order to coordinate preparations for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.
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