• 08.12.14
    On Sunday, (7.12) 372 truckloads containing a variety of goods and 90 tons of gas were delivered into the Gaza Strip
  • 08.12.14
    On Sunday (7.12) 483 people entered the Gaza Strip from Israel and 779 entered Israel from the Gaza Strip through Erez crossing


Traditional baptism ceremonies took place in Qasr Al-Yahud

Import and Export Course for Palestinian Established Businessmen

An import and export course for Palestinian established businessmen was held over the last month, funded and coordinated by the Civil Administration.

Reclaimed Water Workshop

In the last year the Civil Administration and the USAID have been working together to advance the awareness and usage of reclaimed water. As a result, the Civil Administration's agriculture office along with the agriculture extension service office held a professional workshop for 25 executive Palestinian farmers and agronomists from the Palestinian Authority (mainly from the Nablus district).

Increased Coordination between Israel and the Palestinians for Celebration of Christmas Season

IDF representatives conducted meetings with representatives from the Bethlehem Municipality, the Palestinians Security Forces, international organizations and religious representatives in order to coordinate preparations for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.
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